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      5 Elements Your Buyer Persona Must Have

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      Posted by Altynai López on Apr 3, 2017 10:00:00 AM

      ¿Are you starting your business or looking for a way to revamp the way you've been selling? Either way, there are certain things you have to define before jumping into creating a new marketing strategy for your business, one of them is the creation of a buyer persona. 

      Buyer persona is a term used mainly for inbound marketing, but it's definitely a must in any type of marketing. The buyer personas are fictional characters that help you build a picture of your ideal customers, by assigning them context and personality. They’re created based on studies or interviews of previous or current customers.

      The exercise of visualizing and getting to know your customers through a buyer persona can help you create a more compelling content strategy that will engage customers to your business and eventually turn them into clientsThink of it as the base of your strategy, from this point you define the course your efforts are going to take. 

      Remember the idea of this excercise is getting the whole picture of who your buyer is, so here are 5 elements you must include when creating your buyer persona:


        1. 1. Personal background
        2. Remember you want to create profiles as realistic as possible, so you may want to start with basic aspects like: age, race, sex and religion, where do your buyers live? Are they married? Do they have kids? What are their incomes? Include details you think may influence their buying process.

        1. 2. Professional background
          Other important aspect of your buyer is the professional one. Ask yourself what their education level is, did they went to college? Where are they working? Do they have their own business, or work for a big or small company? These are important details because they will give you an idea of what your clients expectations are, their habits, their social circles and more information that will help you define exactly how to reach them.

        1. 3. Personality
          In this item you will include everything that defines the personal taste of your buyers. What are they favorite activities? Where do they spend their spare time? What do they like to buy and where? What is their life philosophy? What do they stand for?

        1. 4. Shopping Preferences
          This item will include the shopping habits of you buyer, for example what they like to buy and where. Do they go for the latest trends or tend to be a late buyer ? How comfortable do they feel shopping online?

        1. 5. Challenges
          Now this is where it gets really interesting. This item should include the challenge or problem your buyer is facing and will likely solve with your product or service. Are they unhappy with their internet service, or perhaps unable to find a gym that fits their schedules? Basically, what is the need your product or service will cover? from the point of view of your customer.

      These are basic items to include when creating a buyer persona, but you can also include any other of your customers traits you think may affect their decision of buying your product or service over the rest. The more information you have, the easier it will be to define your strategy.


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