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      4 Ways To Effectively Grow Your Business

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      Posted by Florentina Healy on Sep 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

      If you've been focusing your online marketing strategy in lead generation, you're probably wondering, when will this reflect in your sales? Taking your leads through their buying process may seem tough (and slow) at first, but believe us, this strategy will eventually pay off, as long as you hold on to those leads and manage to keep them interested in your content.

      Remember, all of your leads will be in a different stage of their decision making process, so it's your job to identify each one to be able to effectively communicate with them.

      Check out this points that can help you transform those leads into sales:

      1. Identify where they are in their buying process

      Understanding your customer´s buyer journey is the best way to strategically offer the right information to the right person at the right time. Is your client on the “top of the funnel” or more “bottom of the funnel”? or in non-marketing terms are they having their first encounter with your brand? or are they already deciding between you and your competitors? In any case, you want to nurture their interest on your business and turn them into a customer as fast as you can. Depending on where they are on their buying process think of what you can do to help them nurture that interest. Share an overview of your business and let your customer be aware of your brand for example by sharing a demo, or an insight consultation.

      2. Communicate effectively

      Studies show that 88% of people, begin their buying journey with an online search, so you have to make sure all your communication channels are aligned and showing the right information. Elaborate an strategy with clear objectives, so you can create contents that are congruent with those objectives. Consistency is a must for online strategies, especially when you're trying to reach your audience through different media. What messages are you sending out there? Are they aligned, and reflecting your strategy? Are they going to help you meet your objectives? Analyze, define and make the necessary changes.

      3. Align sales and marketing efforts:

      Lead nurturing is a very effective way to ensure you are targeting the right individuals with the content that is aligned to its buyer stage. This way you can identify which leads are ready to become clients. If you have a sales team you will want it to be aligned with your marketing team. When marketing and sales teams work together to achieve a goal, they can dramatically improve your business' marketing ROI, sales productivity.

      4. Find opportunities in your CRM:

      CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can help your sales team give your leads the right follow up. Make sure your clients are receiving all the answers and the attention they deserve. Don't understimate online communication! Remember a lot of people interact primarily through social networks and online media, so make sure you or your sales team are responding right and on time. Effective communication is very necessary if you want to continue engaging your customers to eventually turn them into promotors of your business Some things you can do to continue the conversation with your customers are: trigger marketing, monitoring social media, surveys and dynamic content.

      Finally,analytics are crucial to every part of the process. From creating leads to promotors, it will help you determine which tools and contents are working better, and how effectively is the conversion process working. This way you can make the necessary changes to consolidate your nurturing and automation program.


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